Welcome to the Inaugural Edition of Kalbe-Blackmores Newsletter for Healthcare Professionals
Oleh 18 October 2017

Welcome to the Inaugural Edition of Kalbe-Blackmores Newsletter for Healthcare Professionals

Find the latest scientific information from Blackmores Institute.

Dear fellow Healthcare Practitioners,

I am very pleased that you’ve taken the first step to be well-informed on the latest scientific information from Blackmores Institute.  As a way of introduction, my name is Lesley Braun and I am the Group Director of Blackmores Institute. Blackmores Institute is the academic and professional arm of Blackmores Limited. We conduct research and innovation pipeline as well as develop education materials for healthcare professionals, to better equip them with knowledge on vitamins, minerals, nutritional oils such as fish oils and herbal medicines. In doing so, we aim that the Healthcare professionals like yourselves would be better placed in supporting your patients and consumers in their journey for health. 

Blackmores Institute motto is “Sharing Knowledge, Changing Lives.” In particular on the area of pregnancy and breastfeeding, this motto is not just a statement. For example, a study done by Yayuk Hartiyanti and colleagues in 2012, found that many Indonesian mothers started their pregnancy deficient in vitamin C. Because Vitamin C helps with iron absorption, advising supplementation with Vitamin C could reduce the prevalence of iron-deficiency anemia among pregnant women in Indonesia. This could have cascading effect to a healthier pregnancy outcome for mother and baby.

Pregnant and breastfeeding mothers have high requirements for various multiple micronutrients, compared to non-pregnant state. For some micronutrients such as Iodine, there requirement is increased by 50%! This means, that if these women were just meeting their iodine requirements before pregnancy, once they become pregnant, they are likely become deficient. In many cases it is improbable to meet these high dietary requirements from diets alone; so supplementation may be warranted.

I am very pleased and feel very privileged that Blackmores Institute can be part of this newsletter in commemorating the changing of lives through sharing knowledge on nutrition education. I hope you’ll enjoy the news we have picked for you here. Do drop us a line for any comments you may have at (customer@kalbenutritionals.com).

Best regards,

Lesley Braun


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